MeliSEO – Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services – (Logo-Brochure-Mailers-Newsletters-Flyers-Leaflets)

MeliSEO offers complete graphic design services. If you may be running a business or planning to start one, some of the branding fundamentals have to be taken into consideration. These include your Logo, Brochure, and all marketing communication that goes to your internal and external stakeholders.

First, a Logo is vital for your business. It offers the needful identity to your businesses. A Logo is the sign of quality and trust that your company aims to provide its customers.

MeliSEO offers rich and highly appealing Logos to small and medium businesses. Our Logo design team has more than a decade experience in Logo design and Branding. We can help you with new Logo designs, as well as enhancing the existing ones. Each Logo designed by us,

  • Represents what you do, what you are and what you stand for
  • Achieves brand consistency across all aspects of your business
  • Helps you to create maximum impact and appeal

Each brochure is crafted to perfection, and helps the client to present the business in its totality. As brochures are prominent branding tools, we ensure that proper standardization is maintained in terms of choice of colors, layout, and information-flow and font specifications. We design brochures for businesses across verticals, and produce them as soft copies as well as hard copies.

Each mailer, newsletter, flyer, or leaflet that is sent to prospective customers and clients, has a defined goal and a specific purpose to serve. The graphic design team at MeliSEO ensures that each business mailer and newsletter is custom designed as per the requirements of the clients.

We ensure that, all marketing collaterals serve the two-way purpose for our clients, to create the right branding, and to send the right message as per the audience’s expectations. The final objective needs to be fulfilled, that is each collateral should result in call for action.

MeliSEO – Website Development Services

Website Development Services – (PHP, JAVA, .NET, Flash Animation)

Successful web development activity takes into consideration the rapid changes happening in the web technologies. At MeliSEO, the web development team leverages on HTML, CSS, DOM and Java Script. This helps us to meet the continuous and emerging needs of our clients for enriched and enhanced web experience.

MeliSEO’s web development portfolio includes interactive design, mobile web applications and different content management systems. By leveraging on HTML5, we aim to achieve for each client greater interactivity. Now the trend is to access data via mobile devices which may be iPad, iPhone and Android based smart phones.

We offer custom web solutions that are developed on Java, PHP, and .NET programming. We also specialize in Flash Animation services. When it comes to web development, we leverage on our team’s proven expertise of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Blogger. This helps the clients to choose the best in web development; which means to differentiate between the CMS based websites, and the traditional web programming based web sites.