MeliSEOServices – Cross Verticals So Far Served

The vertical focus of our web development and design services is what makes us different and distinct. We understand the needs and challenges of each vertical, and ensure that the business is presented in the right perspective.

MeliSEO offers custom web design and development, and graphic design services to clients across public and private sectors. Additionally, we also offer end-to-end and cost-effective corporate services. With us, each business, public or private is assured of holistic support services.


We understand the challenges faced by the global retail industry. Our offer of retail solutions aims to provide a competitive advantage to the retail customers. Our value driven and affordable web design and development solutions for the corporate means to achieve complete branding identity, and greater online visibility.


MeliSEO helps the global healthcare industry to manage change, and counter effectively the challenges of change.

Through a robust and visible online interface, the healthcare industry can reach out to the patients, and keep them up-to-date on medical facilities, treatments, diagnosis, and health and fitness tips.

We aim to bring the doctors and the patients, hospital administration and the staff, medical equipment suppliers and the vendors on a common platform. Our web developers promptly facilitate the online registration of patients, inquiries and feedback.


The global educational scenario has come a long way from classroom-based teaching to virtually enabled eLearning classes. However, access and guidance on the technology that brought about a revolution in education has been a major limitation for educational institutions.

MeliSEO offers web enabled solutions and technologies for the development of education. We integrate the innovative web based teaching and learning platforms with the client’s website. Starting from basic processes such as, online admissions process, registration for education programs and payment of fee, we have come a long way in terms of promoting web enabled teaching, learning and testing environment.

Our value addition is definitely to catapult educational institutions to the next level of learning. This we achieve by imparting dynamic features to each educational institute’s website.

Information Technology

MeliSEO is a pioneer in developing innovative and creative web technologies. Our web design and development expertise leverages on MYSQL, PHP, .NET, ASP .NET, CSS, XML, JavaScript, AJAX and other technologies.

Significantly, our team of web designers and developers has proven expertise in developing websites based on robust and agile CMS framework. In order to overcome the drawbacks and mishaps associated with existing CMSs such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, we have developed our own CMS framework that is highly scalable, and has easy to organize and control features.

Financial Services

We understand the technology needs of the financial services sector. We offer custom web development services to banks, brokerage houses, insurance firms, mutual funds companies and their financial consultants. Depending on each financial institution’s need for a specific web application, we are offering the right-fit technology solution.


The global hospitality industry is growing at a rapid pace. With the growth of travel and tourism sectors, there is immense need for better, efficient, accessible and quality hospitality services. MeliSEO offers custom web design and development services to the global hospitality industry. We enable our customers to provide their clients rich and easy user experience online.

It may be a specific web application, or an entire website that presents the industry to the customer, MeliSEO has the expertise to execute the project to its perfection. Our eCommerce expertise helps us to build and integrate different web applications, which include room bookings, cab bookings, ticket and travel bookings and cancellations.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism brings together different vendors and suppliers across geographies. Proper coordination and collaboration amongst different vendors offers the travelers a rich and memorable travel experience.

MeliSEO’s efforts aim to bring greater coordinated action between different vendors and suppliers of the travel and tourism industry. We provide for custom web solutions that include,

  • Greater coordination between buyers and sellers
  • Greater work collaboration amongst different vendors and suppliers
  • Greater flexibility and reliability in bookings and reservations
  • Easy and hassle-free cancellation policy
  • Easy to navigate websites with precise information
  • Robust and efficient payment gateways


The global manufacturing sector has certain core needs, drive to enhance quality, offer efficient and flexible services, assure on-time deliveries, and enhance productivity by rationalizing inventory.

MeliSEO’s web development services address the core needs of the manufacturing sector. We understand the challenges confronted by manufacturers across geographies and address them with the right-fit technology solutions.

By leveraging on our web development services, manufacturing industry can track and move extensive inventories, put in place a robust CRM mechanism, achieve greater customization for product success and customer loyalty, create proper interaction amongst suppliers, and maintain highest norms of quality.


The infrastructure sector demands greater coordination between suppliers and vendors for execution of projects on-time, remain competitive and deliver quality.

MeliSEO supports the infrastructure industry through its custom and robust web application development. Each web application meets the specific need of the infrastructure sector. Some of the prominent web development modules deal in inventory management, customer relationship management, human resources management, supplies and materials management.

The choice of technology in facilitating each of these modules is crucial and vital for the application’s success. We leverage on innovative and creative web technologies to design and develop the right-fit web technology, as per the clients needs and expectations.

MeliSEO – Content Development / Marketing

Content Development / Marketing

Content is the king, online as well as offline. By content, we mean text, images, audio and visual presentations. MeliSEO’s content development expertise aims to provide key-word rich and optimized on-page and off-page content. We drive phenomenal value for our clients by developing content that really sells.

MeliSEO’s content development strategy takes into consideration each business’ competition, product and service portfolio, quality and competency aspects. We ensure that the proportion of content that is developed for paid search and organic search is in accordance with the custom SEO strategy of each business.

As part of our on-page optimization process, we offer support on website content and Meta content. We ensure that the Meta content/tags are in alignment with the webpage content. Our off-page optimization aims to develop content for blogs, forums, social media postings, articles and others.

Our content development and marketing services also includes support on all marketing collaterals: Company Profiles, Brochures, Case Studies, Flyers, Leaflets, and handouts.

We also specialize in voice-overs and AV presentations, that are specially made for corporate and businesses. Businesses can upload our audio-visual presentations on the website(s), share them on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) or use them for internal and external presentations.